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Koshe Kosha, an unit of PROEM Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Restaurant Timings –
11AM to 11PM
Order NOW –
+91 9830949494
For Bulk Orders, Home Delivery And Catering Services
Please Contact-

(+91) 7595077790/ (+91) 7595077787

The word Proem has its origins from Latin and generally translates to – The beginning of something new. We at Proem Hospitality view ourselves as a symbol to a new dawn in an industry where passion and care are set to be the defining factors between success and failure.

Proem does not purely view our restaurants and bars as a destination for customers to keep their stomachs happy or quench their thirst. We strive to provide an experience for our guests that should leave an impression that transcends beyond the food and drink.

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