Bengali Cuisine goes beyond just rice and fish. The delicate balance between the main ingredients and seasoning delivers its exquisite identity and the distinctive flavour.

Here is a list of terms that you may come across in our menu as you navigate through our spread:

  Kosha – Cooking over low heat without adding any water
  Paturi – Usually marinated in mustard and coconut paste, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed (bhapa)
  Dalna – Medium thick gravy seasoned with ground spices with a touch of ghee
  Dom – Thick spicy gravy
  Kalia – Rich spicy gravy of ginger and onion paste tempered with garam masala
  Jhol – Light stew with diced potatoes
  Jhal – Hot and spicy curry
  Dorma – Vegetables stuffed with minced ingredients Quintessentially Bengali
  Panch phoron – Blend of five different spices (fenugreek, nigella, cumin, black mustard & fennel)
  Radhuni – Akin to celery, delivers a pungent flavour
  Gondhoraj Lebu – Kaffir lime adds a distinct flavour

Koshe Kosha, an unit of PROEM Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
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The word Proem has its origins from Latin and generally translates to – The beginning of something new. We at Proem Hospitality view ourselves as a symbol to a new dawn in an industry where passion and care are set to be the defining factors between success and failure.

Proem does not purely view our restaurants and bars as a destination for customers to keep their stomachs happy or quench their thirst. We strive to provide an experience for our guests that should leave an impression that transcends beyond the food and drink.

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